Situated near the historical Bhimphedi Bazar, The Chisapani Fort is one of the most important historical monuments of the country.

After two hours walk on foot from Bhimphedi, we can reach The Fort and enjoy its historical exquisiteness. Before the construction of Tribhuvan Highway, Chisapani Fort was the main gateway for the internal transaction between the Capital City and Terai region. But now it is suffering from neglect although there are many government office buildings and the houses of chief officials.

As the Tribhuvan Highway was constructed, it effected the business of the area and so the merchants and the local people completely left the place in between 2017-2018.

This fort was also constructed in order to protect themselves from enemies and provide safety to the valley as the Makwanpur Fort.

Constructed in about 5 Ropanies of land (1 Ropani = 5,625 sq. feet), it is surrounded by stone wall and several cannons are kept around the fort along with Kalitop.

Inside the Fort, there is a temple of Batuk Bhairab, in which entry of the females is strictly forbidden. Not only inside the temple they are also prohibited in entering the fort. According to the custom of the temple people only sacrifice the male animals and the priest offer two glasses of alcohol twice a week to satisfy the Bhairab.

To protect the historical monuments and property placed in the Fort, a troop of national army are in duty. People have started occupying the surrounding lands of the fort so the concerned authority must take suitable steps to protect the national heritage of the country.