The tunnel, 9-kilometer away form Hetauda City, was constructed to cross the Churiya Mountain Range on the way from Birjung to Kathmandu ninety years ago.

As the time passed the number of vehicles increased and the tunnel could not bear the flow of vehicles and the Tribhuvan highway was constructed hollowing out the Churiya Mountain. After the construction of Tribhuvan highway the tunnel was insufferable for heavy vehicles so the highway became the alternative way. Now days the tunnel has been nearly jam-packed by the rocks after being disused for long.

All the people of Makwanpur district have one word We must protect the 1200 meters long, 10 feet high and 9 feet wide tunnel, which is only one tunnel of our country.

Although the tunnel has been constructed a century before the foundation has not collapsed yet. But if the renovation doesn’t take place in time the tunnel will be disappeared from the embryo of the Churiya hill.

Groups of people, who want to conserve the first tunnel of the country and want to keep the historical monuments alive, have formed an organization named Churiyamai Development”.