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धार्मिक / पर्यटकिय

मनकामना मन्दिर / Manakamana Temple

धार्मिक / पर्यटकिय   59 पटक पढिएको        
This temple is said to be the younger sister of Gorkha Manakamana. It is a sacred temple of Hindus. Route to this temple is famous for jugging. It is in on the top of a hill from where the beautiful scene of Hetauda city can be viewed.

मनकामना मन्दिर / Manakamana Temple

हेडम्बा पब्लिकेशन प्रा.लि.

द्वारा सन्चालित हेटौंडा अनलाइन
हेटौडा - ४, मकवानपुर, नेपाल    ०५७ - ५२२२६४, ९८४५०२८२७५

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