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The Makwanpur Gadhi Fort

As there are many historical monuments in Nepal, which are out of sight of the concerned authority. But the Makwanpur fort is one out of those, which is being strictly taken care by the Nepal army.

Not only for the strategic purpose but also it was the governing place of the 'Sen dynasty'. Having some extra ordinary features, The Makwanpur fort is very famous in the history of Nepal. Not only for the strategic purpose but also it was the governing place of the 'Sen dynasty'.

The Makwanpur fort, which lies in about 17 kilometers north from Hetauda is the great achievement of the Sen dynasty. Before the unification of Nepal 'The Sen dynasty' ruled over Makwanpur till 1819 B.S. The then ruler of Palpa 'Mukunda Sen' divided his huge state into four parts among his four sons and so Makwanpur came under his youngest son 'Lohang Sen'. 

The another king of the same regime 'Tula Sen' constructed the Makwanpur Fort during his ruling period. Later on his grand daughter, Indra Kumari was married to King Prithivi Narayan Shah of Gorkha State, who annexed Makwanpur to Gorkha in 1819. 

This fort is situated at an altitude of three thousand and five hundred feet above the sea level. The Hetauda-lalitpur, Kanti Highway, which is now under construction, runs through its lap. It is remarkable that we can have a very beautiful and gorgeous sight seeing from a fort made out of stones. We can also get a clear view of Birgunj (gateway of Nepal) and Raxaul (border of India) from the fort. 

There are two castles in the fort, one is called the 'Mool Gadhi' (the main fort) and other is 'Sanno Gadhi' (the small fort). About 35 years ago, there was a palace called 'Jungey Darbar', which had its own supernatural beauty and it was an important belonging of the 'Sen Dynasty'. But instead of conserving the historical monument, the later Sen king used the palace (Jungey Darbar) for their personal uses. 

Having historical and cultural importance, The Makwanpur Fort is a very precious wealth of Makwanpur district. 25 feet high and 7 feet wide wall surround the fort. There is also a 10 feet deep canal, which was constructed in order to protect themselves from the enemies. 

In order to protect the fort, some soldiers are in duty. People are not allowed to take photograph of the statue. On the occasion of Lord Krishna's birthday (Janmasthami) and Tholo-Ekadashi, a big fare is organized in the fort. People from Hetauda and its neighboring villages go there and enjoy the fare. This place is not only an important historical place but also people from Hetauda and its neighboring places go to the place for picnic. But the sad part of it is that there is a great problem of drinking water.

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The Makwanpur Gadhi Fort - 2013-12-11

As there are many historical monuments in Nepal, which are out of sight of the concerned authority. But the Makwanpur fort is one out of those, which is being strictly taken care by the Nepal army.

विष्णुकुण्ड पोखरी, डाँडाखर्क - 2013-12-11

मकवानपुरको डाँडाखर्कको विष्णुकुण्ड पोखरी ऐतिहासिक पोखरी हो जुन पोखरीको नामबाटै त्यो ठाउँको नाम बैकुण्ठ हुन गएकोछ । पोखरीको विषेशता वर्षात्को पानीको भरमा नै त्यो पोखरी कहिल्यै नसुक्ने मुहानरहित पोखरी हो ।

Hattisar, Bhimphedi - 2013-03-12

Prior to the construction of Tribhuvan highway , Bhimphedi, the connecting market center of Kathmandu valley with Terai and India, used to be the district Headquarter.

The Kalitop - 2013-03-12

The another eye-catching object of the Fort is “The Kalitop”, which is the largest cannon of our country, Nepal.

The Chisapani Gadhi Fort - 2013-03-12

Situated near the historical Bhimphedi Bazar, The Chisapani Fort is one of the most important historical monuments of the country.

The first Tunnel of the Country - 2013-03-12

The tunnel, 9-kilometer away form Hetauda City, was constructed to cross the Churiya Mountain Range on the way from Birjung to Kathmandu ninety years ago.

Chepang Museum - 2013-03-12

DDC has opened one museum at Chainpur, Raksirang with a purpose to preserve and demonstrate the things of historical and cultural values of Chepang, one of the minority ethnic communities of Nepal. This has become an appropriate place to research on and study about the Chepangs.

Major 'Jatra' and 'Mela' - 2013-03-12

Makwanpur district is also famous for diverse mela and jatra. The jatra at Risheswar Mahadev Daman, Barahi jatra at Barahi, Syarse Kalika jatra at Bhainsekhani, Indrayanimai jatra at Palung, Bhimsen jatra at Bhimphedi, Krishna jatra at Hetauda and Trikhadi jatra at Bahinse are all worth observing and fascinating.

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